Our History

Who is Oscar?

The name of our Dinner Club for gay singles pays tribute to the famous author and playright Oscar Wilde. We admire not only, his input in modern literature, but his aestheticism, sense of humour, love of great clothing, food and company.

Our Story

With more than 26 years of experience in running Melbourne's oldest and largest Dinner Club , we are proven experts at social dinners and understand the needs of Melbourne's singles to combine good food with good company.  It took us 7 years of careful research, planning, development and preparation to finally clone our Dinner at Eight service for the gay and lesbian community in Australia.

Our Team at The Dinner Club is managed by Katja Rembrandt, who brings a lifetime experience of organising social events with 15 years experience in professional recruitment and executive search. This career background means Katja has expertise in professional etiquette, communication, presentation, relating and compatibility both socially and in business.  Katja’s passion for helping people make friends and find success in romance is altruistically motivated, as her role in the company is the product of what was initially a hobby. Since her early 20's, she has organised dinner events, cocktail evenings, supper nights, movie screenings, wine tastings, art gallery visits, cooking demonstrations, ski trips, sailing weekends, and even vintage car picnics. From casual to black tie, and quirky to formal, Katja has hosted events in cities such as London, Amsterdam, Brussels, Antwerp, Paris, Florence, Geneva, Hamburg, Stockholm and even Kuala Lumpur before arriving in Australia. Her vivacious charisma and positive outlook on life makes her well suited as the manager of The Dinner Club International , as she provides support and tactful critique to members to assist them with a journey of good food in good company on the path to love.

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